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Heavens Popcorn is designed to bring to the world incredible popcorn which unlike other popcorn doesn't have sugar as its number on ingredient! We want to live in a world where honey replaces sugar! Honey not sugar means bees instead of pesticide infused cane fields and an environment with enough plant diversity to support expanding bee populations! 


Our Original Honey Popcorn is the perfect way to do this as we replace the key ingredient in caramelised popcorn with Honey and not sugar! We hope you enjoy the same sweet taste in the knowledge that honey is not just better for the environment but is also nutrient and enzyme rich which makes it better for your body too!

Heavens - Manuka Popcorn


    Manuka Honey, Popcorn, Coconut Oil, British Date Sugar, Baking Soda, Sunflower Lecithin. For allergens see ingredients in BOLD

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